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Who Should Produce Money?

Farmers product food to eat. Fishermen catch fish to eat, Henry Ford produced automobiles to drive. Proctor and Gamble produces soap to wash our hands. Who should print our money? Banks for profit to the banks? Or the government for the common good of society?

Five  Intrinsically  Evil Acts

  1. Private creation of exchange medium (money)  is sinful. Only the government, for the common good of society, can morally create money.
  2. Socialism is opposed to human freedom and dignity. Union of state and school is evil socialism.
  3. Censorship of God, Logos, truth, science, life or education or life is the grievous sin of blasphemy. (insulting or degrading God)
  4. Civil law that compels violation of an  upright conscience.
  5. For any Catholic to contradict any one of the above four acts.

— Robert J. Conlon

What is Logos?

What is Logos?  It’s an ancient Greek  word, but few people understand  it “It is reason, order, word, rationalism, discourse, it is not a product of the human mind. It is the divine in both nature and the human mind that allows the later to comprehend the former.”

It is divine reason, logic, and knowledge, to be participated in by human reason and logic in nature. It is human  reason comprehending natural knowledge, the will of God, in phenomena.

An example of Logos is the fact that man’s reason can comprehend knowledge of the existence of a Creator by reason and can comprehend the existence of law in nature and comprehend Natural Moral Law by reason experiencing phenomena.

Our Founding Fathers in their Declaration of Independence demonstrated an example of Logos when they decreed “We hold these truths to be self evident, that man is endowed by his creator with certain inalienable rights among which are the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

To pursue happiness man must be able to participate in Logos, in reason, law, order, word, rationalism, discourse etc., So if man has a right to pursue happiness, he has a right to know right from wrong, morality from immorality, to reason to knowledge of right from wrong…

By permitting man to participate in the will of God, in Logos, in knowledge of laws of nature and in Natural moral law, God allows us to participate in His knowledge, in His reason. Participate in Logos. To participate in God’s grace. But we are living in a culture which denies man can participate in Logos, in reason and attain knowledge of creation by the use of reason experiencing phenomena.

When my sperm united with my wife’s egg, God created our six children with rational structure in their genes, so they could CHANGE to fully developed adult persons, with intellects that can see the Will of God and use words to communicate God’s Will.

What is Darwinism but a negation of the existence of law, order, reason, rationalism  meta-physical reality and Logos from the origin of man and the universe. It is the claim that everything in the cosmos occurs by CHANCE EVOLUTION, without rational structure in matter and that man’s reason can tell him nothing because Logos does not exist. All that exists is “CHANCE CHANGES.” There is no rational structure or meta-physical reality in matter.

If Logos exists and man can participate in it, then morality exists and it is possible for man to do either good or evil. But modern man does not want to admit that he can sin, so he ignores the existence of Logos.

— Robert J. Conlon