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Who Should Produce Money?

Farmers product food to eat. Fishermen catch fish to eat, Henry Ford produced automobiles to drive. Proctor and Gamble produces soap to wash our hands. Who should print our money? Banks for profit to the banks? Or the government for the common good of society?

Five  Intrinsically  Evil Acts

  1. Private creation of exchange medium (money)  is sinful. Only the government, for the common good of society, can morally create money.
  2. Socialism is opposed to human freedom and dignity. Union of state and school is evil socialism.
  3. Censorship of God, Logos, truth, science, life or education or life is the grievous sin of blasphemy. (insulting or degrading God)
  4. Civil law that compels violation of an  upright conscience.
  5. For any Catholic to contradict any one of the above four acts.

— Robert J. Conlon